After our 1st and 2nd in the Individual competition, expectations were high yesterday evening for a similar performance in the Inter-club print and PDI competitions. Alas, it was not to be and we had to settle for joint 3rd in the prints and joint 2nd in the PDIs behind Macclesfield CC who won both competitions at their first attempt. Some seven or eight local clubs competed in the two competitions  where the standard of work submitted was pleasingly high, especially in the print competition. The judge, Mr Tony Keeley, guaranteed a close finish by scoring all images between 16 and 19 with only one  in each of the print and PDI competitions being rewarded with the 19s. Neither of them was one of ours!  Thadeus, which had won £50 the previous evening, was awarded just 16 points in the prints as was one of our bankers in the PDI – “The Plaything” from Jackie Robinson. Rob’s “Cheetah with Cubs” was thought to have one too many cubs and was similarly dismissed.

Results and individual scores were as follows:


1= Bramhall CC and Macclesfield CC 69pts

3= NCPS and others 68pts


Puffin with Sand Eels –         Paula Martin 18

Waiting for the right time – Jackie Robinson 18

Thaddeus –                              Aamir Sabwazi 16

Cheetah with cubs                 Rob Hockney 16



1 Macclesfield 84pts

2 NCPS 83pts

3 SMCC, Bramhall and Southport CC 82pts


Male Orangetip                    Paul Mathews 17

The Plaything                        Jackie Robinson 16

Wild Rabbit listening           Yvonne St Cyr 17

In Motion                                Noel Patterson 16

Gull invading Guillemots –  Graham Johnston 17


Many thanks to the usual band of 15 or so folk who turned out to support the Club.