Congratulations are due to Aamir and Lisa who scooped up the big money prizes at  Bramhall P.S exhibition’s opening last evening.

In the Individual Print Competition, Aamir’s monochrome print “Thaddeus” was the outright winner and Lisa’s artistic “Lion” print came second.

The traditionally large NCPS supporters group in the audience was there to add volume to the applause as our successful duo collected their envelopes and although no money was shared out (!) we did get a couple of chocolates apiece from our other members’ raffle prize wins.

The rest of the NCPS members’ prints came nowhere, basically, but we amused ourselves greatly by trying to second-guess the judges verdicts on our work, which we failed to do – in a big way. How could they (or we) get it so wrong!

No doubt a full report of Bramhall’s exhibition events will appear on their website in due course including the results from their inter-club competitions that take place tonight. Suffice to say here that Aamir and Lisa have got us off to a flying start.