Following an exciting final competition of the season yesterday evening I’m pleased to announce the winners of our various categories and presenters at our Annual Awards Evening next week are as follows:

Club Worker of the Year

1st: Jackie Robinson:226

2nd: Graham Johnston:212

3rd. Rob Hockney:208

Advanced Print Worker of the Year: Jackie Robinson: 114

Advanced PDI Worker of the Year: Paul Mathews:113

Intermediate worker of the Year: John Jurics: 216

Full tables of results will be available on the web just as soon as they can be uploaded.

Please join me in congratulating not only all the winners, but all those who have challenged for positions.

Next week promises to be a stimulating evening with the presentation of trophies to our worthy winners and with each of them presenting their winning images alongside a commentary of their choosing explaining how, why, when, where, or whatever that resulted in their making.

Would those of you who have the trophies please be sure to bring them along next week so they can be presented to their new (or previous!) owners