Somewhat belatedly, here is a brief report of the decisions reached a the AGM for the benefit of those of you who were not there to participate in making them………

The new committee, as proposed by the old one, was duly elected

Motion 1 To maintain the current subscriptions for the year 2015-2016 was carried unanimously.

Motion 2 To reduce the number of images in PDI competitions by reducing from three to two the number of images submitted by individuals and increasing from three to four the number of PDI competitions held each year was carried by 37 votes to 4 votes in favour of the alternative to organise Society members into two separate leagues with separate competitions and League 1 restricted to 25 members. There were two abstentions.

Motion 3 To return to a judged exhibition in which print and PDI entries are submitted into any of three categories – Open Colour, Mono and Nature and trophies awarded in each category and for best print, best PDI and best in show. Carried by 21 votes to 19 with 3 abstentions.

Motion 4 That the Committee attempt to find a venue suitable to display members’ images to the general public during exhibition week was carried by 40 votes to 3.

As a result of these decisions the Rules for Competitions and the Annual Exhibition which form part of the Society Constitution will be revised accordingly.

Thanks to Jon Allanson for alerting me to our omission.

See you in September.