I’m sorry I have to report that our Membership secretary Christine Bedwin is in Wythenshaw hospital following an attack by a dog (German Sheppard cross) whilst she was out delivering leaflets. As Christine was putting a leaflet through the letterbox of the dog owner’s house her hand was grabbed by the dog and her arm pulled through the letterbox. Whilst she suffered serious damage to at least three fingers and considerable emotional trauma, I’m pleased to say she is not otherwise seriously injured. I spoke with her by phone on 27th after surgery to repair her hand and I’m pleased to report she sounded considerably more cheerful than I did the day after my recent surgery. She hopes to be home Saturday or Sunday when she’ll be in need of cuddles and a cup of tea. Anyone with these to spare might consider giving her a call or paying a visit. She regrets she won’t be able to help out at Poynton show afterall.

Get Well Soon Christine.