Hi everyone, I have just recently received this email and thought some of you may be interested in entering, however the closing date is the 31st so you’ll have to hurry:


I thought you and your associates at the North Cheshire Photographic
Society may be interested to hear about the Royal Society of
Biology’s amateur photography competition. This year’s theme is
‘Conflict & Survival’.

We invite you to think creatively about the unique ways animals,
plants and organisms exploit their environment in order to survive.
Photographs could focus on aggressive encounters between animals in
their natural environment, a plant’s struggle for resources within
an arid environment or thriving bacteria in cell culture. We also
welcome entries that explore this theme at the molecular or
sub-cellular level, illustrating the complex physiology or genetic
factors that influence survival instinct and habitat conflict.

There are 2 categories in the competition, each with a cash prize:
•       Photographer of the Year (18 & over) – £1000 top prize
•       Young Photographer of the Year (under 18) – £500 top prize

For inspiration check out a blog post from Billy Clapham our 2014
Photographer of the Year. Get your entries in by Monday 31st August
2015 and find out more on our website: www.rsb.org.uk/photocomp