Yes folks; after the discovery of an irregularity with the qualifying entry of Wigan PS at the L&CPU Annual back in May they have been disqualified and we, as fifth-placed club in the prints, have been invited to take their place in the 2015 PAGB Inter-Club Print Competition. It’s on Sunday 25th October and being held at the Chatfield Theatre, University Church of England Academy, 164 Whitby Road, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, CH65 6EA. If you’re not familiar with this event think Warwick for prints and you’ll get the general idea. The format is very similar with the best clubs from all over the country representing their region. It’s a great day out and I’d encourage everyone to come along and support the club. If you would like tickets please let Noel know ASAP and he will make a block booking on our behalf.

One slight challenge that we face is that 19 of the 24 prints we entered into the L&CPU Annual were retained by the L&C for use in folios etc. That is 19 of our strongest prints which we’re likely to want to use in Ellesmere Port. We know which ones they are and we hope we’ll enjoy your support if Noel comes knocking to ask if it would be possible for you to reprint them. Please don’t do this in anticipation. Once Noel has gotten accustomed to the idea that his first task as our new Selection Committee Chair is rather earlier than anticipated he’ll be organising the selection.