er, me !?

Rob Hockney was recently awarded the 3 Crown Award by the BPE for gaining 100 acceptances in British Photographic Exhibitions. It’s taken almost exactly two years since my first stab at a BPE Exhibition back in January 2014 when I gained three acceptances in the Bebbington Salon. The 100 came up with two acceptances at Southport. My records show the 100 comes from 28 different images; 9 Mono, 1o Nature, 4 Scapes and 5 Open Colour. I’ve managed to pick up 3 Medals and 5 Ribbons along the way. Not exactly Kevin Donnelley, but there you go. I’m pleased to join Joyce Streets in achieving BPE3*. We both have some way to go before we catch Geoff Robinson who is sitting on BPE4* which requires 250 acceptances.


If your interested in entering salon exhibitions why not have a word with me?