Start time 10.00

This weekend 27/28 February sees NCPS pitched against all the other clubs in the area in two competitions PDI & Prints which include Open, Nature and Mono sections. Judging is open for you to attend.


Lowton Church of England High School

Newton road, Lowton, WA3 1DU

The L&CPU don’t seem to have committed themselves to a start time but arrive by 10.00, particularly if you have not asked me to get you a ticket – entry is free but first come first served for non ticket holders.

Our entry is made up of work from 16 different members as follows:

Lancashire and Cheshire Photographic Union

Annual Club Digital Competition

1 Colour Digital   Annette Hockney   Antarctic view

2 Colour Digital   Richard Scaife   Fighting The Fire

3 Colour Digital   Jon Allanson   Kerala Schoolgirl with Book

4 Colour Digital   Jon Allanson   Looking Out

5 Colour Digital   Jackie Robinson   Winter blues

6 Colour Digital   Joyce Streets   Riding the Storm

7 Colour Digital   Noel Patterson   Support at the line out

8 Colour Digital   Noel Patterson   Thats mine

1 Mono Digital   Rob Hockney   Elephant Island

2 Mono Digital   Simeon Briggs   Growing City

3 Mono Digital   Noel Patterson   Downhill racer

4 Mono Digital   Joyce Streets   Raging Sea

5 Mono Digital   Rob Hockney   Remembering the glory days

6 Mono Digital   Paula Martin   Tough Mudder

7 Mono Digital   Alan Saunders   Millenium Bridge

8 Mono Digital   Alan Saunders   Winters Vice

1 Nature Digital   Rob Hockney   Adelie penguin taking to the water

2 Nature Digital   Yvonne St Cyr   Canada Geese Mating

3 Nature Digital   Paula Martin  Dalmation Pelican

4 Nature Digital   Paul Matthews   Great crested grebes mating

5 Nature Digital   Alan Saunders   Otter Scratching

6 Nature Digital   Alan Saunders   Oystercatcher

7 Nature Digital   Paula Martin   Puffin over flowers

8 Nature Digital   Joyce Streets   Sanderling


Annual Club Prints Competition


1 Colour Prints   Geoffrey Robinson   Aloof

2 Colour Prints   Lisa Mullins   Determination

3 Colour Prints   Noel Patterson   Kicked back

4 Colour Prints   Tony Redford   Marguerita

5 Colour Prints   Annette Hockney   Serenity

6 Colour Prints   Noel Patterson   The chase

7 Colour Prints   Simeon Briggs   The Guggenheim

8 Colour Prints   Jackie Robinson   Wonder whats for lunch

1 Mono Prints   Noel Patterson   All eyes on the ball

2 Mono Prints   Rob Hockney   I bet your missus would like some of these

3 Mono Prints   Jon Allanson   In the Nursery

4 Mono Prints   Jackie Robinson   Neighbourhood gossips

5 Mono Prints   Rob Hockney   Stormy seas below the Antarctic

6 Mono Prints   Aamir Sabzwari   The boxer

7 Mono Prints   Joyce Streets   The Cross

8 Mono Prints   Alan Saunders   Tough Mudder

1 Nature Prints   Paula Martin   Dalmation pelican in flight

2 Nature Prints   Rob Hockney   Eurasian brown bear and cub in habitat

3 Nature Prints   Paula Martin   Gannet landing

4 Nature Prints   Yvonne St Cyr   Great Crested Grebe with Perch

5 Nature Prints   Lisa Mullins   Great Tit Attacking Blue Tit

6 Nature Prints   Paul Matthews   Lacewing with uninvited guest

7 Nature Prints   Alan Saunders   Osprey Catch

8 Nature Prints   Paul Matthews   Redshank

Thanks to everyone who sent in images for consideration and has made prints for the entry.