For our club night on the 11th October, Neil Hulme gave a presentation titled ‘Moments in Mono’. Neil has been involved in photography for 7 years. He took an 8 week course which had him hooked! He uses a Nikon D7-100  camera mostly with a 10-20mm Sigma lens and uses F11-16 for the majority of his pictures. He is a Lightroom user, as well as Photoshop and NIK SilverEffects. Neil saves his own presets in SilverEffects.

Neil was a very entertaining speaker, and especially in his descriptions of his adventures to get his photos, including how he developed a fear of sheep, and running naked in the woods! The approach he took to the presentation was to divide it into geographical areas.  For those of you who would like to shoot at the same locations he covered the following:

The Wirral (New Brighton, Heswall Boatyard, West Kirby marina)

Fountain Abbey

Drax Power Station

Curley’s Trout Fishery (private but available by arrangement)

Peak District (Winnets Pass, Mam Tor, Lady Bower, Teggs Nose)

Another Place (the Anthony Gormley statues)

Yorkshire Dales (Riblehead Viaduct and Twistleton Scar)

The Lake District (Blea Tarn, Kelly Hall Tarn, Torver)

North Wales (Talacre, Llandudno, Ross on Sea)

Fylde (Fleetwood Wrecks on the River Wrye)



Neil’s images we simple and effective. For several of the images he showed us he had removed the horizon line in Photoshop with great effect. He uses dodging and burning to emphasise shadows and reflections. He had a strong focus on simple composition with strong lead-in lines or reflected positioning.  With some of the pictures he had included a small amount of colour to highlight features. His work can be seen by following this link: Neil Hulme. Neil also recommended Michael Levin and very much admires his work. A link to Michael’s site is here: Michael Levin