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L&CPU Knockout 2017

The L&CPU knockout is specifically for new images not used in any previous competition and with just 4 images per club, from 4 different authors a high quality field is guaranteed. On this occasion NCPS finished 7th equal with 10 points. The winners were The Evolve Group and congratulations to them. Our entry was: Bison

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Check out these Wildlife Photos!

Nature's Best Photography Africa have just published their annual rewards, and the images are sensational and inspiring!  The first runner-up in the Wild Cats category is Paul Goldstein, who's our Big Night speaker in March. He also received a Highly Honoured award in the Portraits section and was second runner-iup in the Art section (creative

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A inspirational evening with Joan Blease

Tuesday evenings speaker was Joan Blease who took us through her photographic journey, starting with disappointment in her first club competition, through the challenge and work of getting better, and finally to an explanation of some of the fabulous creative images for which Joan in now widely known for. Joan shared many images with us

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Martin Avery Competition 2017

Thursday evening was the Martin Avery creative interclub competition and a big thank you to the 8 members who produced prints for our entry.  Congratulations to Chorley who were again the winners with North Cheshire coming a well deserved second place. Our entry was: Looking Back - Annette  17 Shades of Antigua - Geraldine -

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Dates for your diary

Tonight 2 November  is the Martin Avery competition - all welcome to come along and support the club This Inter-Club creative print competition is to be held on: Thursday 2nd November 2017, at CADWA Hall,  Rocky Lane,  Liverpool L16 1JD  Judge is Joan Blease – Doors will open at 6.45 pm – Commencing at 8.00 pm There’s a bar on site, but

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