Bit of a way off but I am away January & February so need to organise this now.

On 10 March 2020 we are having a talk from Tony Worobiec “Photographing landscapes whatever the weather” he is doing the same talk at Chapel CC on the Wednesday evening. We have the opportunity to run a indoor workshop during the day on Wednesday 10-300. This would be ” Composition & Critiquing” where you would bring in a small sample of your work to discuss within the framework of the workshop. The numbers would be limited and shared with Chapel CC on a first come basis, Tony’s cost is £150 plus venue divided by the number of delegates attending (max 20).

You can find out more about Tony at

In the first instance I need to know if anyone is interested in attending please email me

If I don’t here from anyone I wont be organising the workshop so please dont wait and see but get in touch now.