The L&CPU Annual Club PDI and Print competitions took place on the 7th and 8th March.  One the 7th, we came 7th overall, and on the 8th for the Print competition we came 8th.

There were two sections for the PDI competition; Open and Nature.  We came 5th in the open section and 8th in Nature. For the Print competition, we came 7th in Open Colour, 13th in MonoChrome and 5th in Nature.

We failed to get through to the PAGB competitions, for the first time in years, so very disappointing. The images we used in the competitions and the scores are below.

Results scored out of 15:

PDI open

Aamir: Beverley on the Slalom 11, High Jumping 15, The Bounty Hunter 13

Andrew: Bowfiddle Rock 11, Castle of Dreams 11, Sligachan Light 13, Three 12

Annette: Decision Time 11

Ean:  Lindisfarne Dawn 11

Noel: Controlled Strength 12, High Serve 13, Scissors on the Pommel Horse 13, Travelling the Pommel Horse 14

Paula: Storm Brewing 14

Rob: Retrieving the Ball from the Ruck 12

Simeon: Dawn at River Brathay 10

PDI Nature:

Annette: Breaching Humpback Whale 13, Grizzly Missing the Salmon 10

Bruce: Family Shot 13

Paula: White Tailed Sea Eagle Landing 12, White Tailed Sea Eagle with Catch 12

Richard Gabb: Longtailed tit 9, Treecreeper 12

Rob: Hyena with Cubs 12

Print Colour

Andrew: Eileen Donan 12

Annette: Pastoral Maiden 10

Ean: Brighton West Pier 11

Louise: Bathing Pools 11

Noel: Leading the Charge 12, Preparing to Strike 13

Rob: Storm Clouds Over Antarctica 9

Simeon: Dawn at River Brathay 12

Print Mono

Andrew: Llandudno Pier 10, Southern Ireland Rocks 9

Annette: Llandudno Shelter 10

Ean: Lindisfarne Dawn 11

Jackie: Sunrise Over the Great Ridge 11

Noel: Into the Splits 13

Rob: Coming off Shift 10, Love’s Farewell 10

Print Nature

Annette: Grizzly with Salmon 11, Hyena Mum and Pups 11

Julie: Burnet Moth on a Bee Orchid 11

Paula: Japanese Macaque 12, The Fish Thief 14

Rob: Elephant Seals 14, Pair of Male Lion 13

Noel: Overlooked Grizzley Bear Eating Salmon 10