Our “Callendar” entry for 16th December states – ” Tony will be presenting contributions from members – bring a little something to eat or drink …”

Of course, I shall be more than happy to present members’ edible and drinkable contributions for the Main course but do you think, for Starters, we could look forward to a projected image or two – an hors d’oevres of amuse bouches as you might say?

Last year we had a fine collection of submissions on the set subject of “Humour” which went down so well that I’m tempted to order the same starter for this year. We could also include “Caption Competition” and “Selfies” on the menu – in fact ANYTHING that might raise a smile. We would need to avoid anything too “rich” that might give rise to upset or indigestion so I would respectfully ask you to let me have your contribution in advance. I could then arrange your goodies in some sort of safe and logical order as I think I did lest year.

So please everybody, get your thinking caps on and either take, concoct, or root out whatever you think might force a giggle from we sober diners, and before 9th December ( let’s say), e-mail me or pass to me a pen drive with your three or four most likely rib-ticklers for projection on the night. There could be a prize for he/she who generates the loudest guffaws.

Warning: although my “Christmas Card” sequence has gone properly stale, I might have to impose more of my own stand-by concoctions on you should you fail to come good – potentially a recipe for disaster.