Hi everyone, in the ongoing tweaking of the site you might have noticed that the menu has changed slightly.

I have added the Member Log In 

This is a page with the Log In tab to save having to navigate down through the Blog, I considered this to be a bit more user-friendly. As we hope to launch not only a chat forum but the PDI Image Uploader in the near future and this log in allows access to both of these when they become available. Also on this page is a contact form – this is for new and existing members who currently don’t post blogs and would like to have access. Simply fill out the form and I will send you your log in details and password shortly afterwards.

If you are keen to get on straightaway and would like advice on how to post items to the blog please get in touch and I will talk you through the simple process. I will, in due course, be creating a How To that you will be able to access.

All the best, Danny