A big thank you to everyone who contributed to last nights image assessment evening either with your contributions, your images or both.

Further to the selection of the Taekwondo images 5 of the 6 groups chose the same images 12 and 9 and the other group chose image 12 and 2.

I had in fact already started post processing 12 and have finished it this morning. I will do number 9 and on the skill share evening (24th November) briefly go through the steps and more importantly the thinking process for the workflow.

We still have a few slots for that evening so again let me know if you have something you would like to share – doesn’t have to be a polished presentation mine will not be! Let me know (noel@joanpattersonassociates.com).

Anyone interested in my other Taekwondo images can see them at www.noelpatterson.co.uk