NCPS took part in the PAGB PDI interclub competition last Saturday at Warwick University.Clubs from all the PAGB federations take part, and 38 clubs were in the competition. Apart from us, Warrington Photographic Society, Chorley and Wigan 10 were there from the L&CPU.

The competition takes place in two rounds, followed by the Plate competition and the Final.  The top eight clubs from rounds 1 and 2 make it into the Final, and on this occasion we missed out.

Marks were out of 15, and our scores were:

Round 1

A career in the Ring by Rob Hockney                     10

Beauty and the Beast by Jackie Robinson              10

Graceful Leap by Noel Patterson                             12

Memories by Annette Hockney                               11

Short Eared Owl in Flight by Alan Saunders         13

The High Serve by Noel Patterson                          14

The Brown Shawl by Annette Hockney                  11

White Tailed Sea Eage Landing by Paula Martin  11

A total of 92, and equal 21st.  Not our best performance!  It gets better though.


Round 2

Beverley Doing the Slalom by Aamir Sabzwari      12

Decision Time by Annette Hockney                                    10

Fishing Coyote by Rob Hockney                              12

Strike Force by Rob Hockney                                   11

Sawyers Lands Her Jump by Noel Patterson         13

Scissors on the Pommel Horse by Noel Patterson             13

Storm Over the Cuillins by Simeon Briggs            13

Yellowstone Coyote on Alert by Annette Hockney 14

A total of 98 and joint 15th. Overall we came 18thin the first part of the competition and so then competed in the Plate


Plate Results

Short Eared Owl in Flight by Alan                           13

The High Serve by Noel                                            14

Retrieving the Ball from the Ruck by Rob              13

Storm over the Cuillins by Simeon                          14

Yellowstone Coyote on Alert by Annette                13

Caught in Reflection by Annette                             13

Watchful Eye by Noel                                               12

Cross Country Jumper by Aamir                             11

In the Plate we came 6thwhich is pretty good! Chorley came second and the Plate was won by the In Focus Group

Smethwick won the final, with Warrington coming second and Wigan 10 came 7thout of 8. Overall it was a good competition and a great opportunity to see images from the other regions.  Why not come along next year and support NCPS?