No this isn’t an April fool.

After the glorious weekend the weather wasn’t great for our “unofficial” photo shoot in Lyme Park on Monday evening, but that didn’t thwart four of our members armed with big lenses and walking boots making the 6pm rendezvous. After a couple of non-productive (motorised) laps between the entrance and the car park we elected to head over to the other side of the cage hill where the combination of woods and short grass provided perfect terrain for hare boxing. Alas, the hares not only failed to box, but failed to materialise; as indeed did any evidence that three of us actually had cameras in those rather bulky bags we were carrying. The resident red deer did their best to provide photo opportunities aplenty with a spontaneous walk-by of the entire herd, but none of us was terribly interested in a stag photo in poor light and lacking that all important frosty breath. Only Barry was tempted into giving his shutter a clicking and he did his best with the poor light to record a simple record shot of a blue-coated Shoesmith walking towards the tower. No guarantees in wild life photography. It’s probably now too late in the season to try again this year; all the boxing hares having gone off to enjoy their rewards of their bouts, but there’s always another year………………….

Anyone for Oulton Park where the motor bikes are guaranteed to turn up on Wednesday?