More results in this week from the PAGB PDI competitions. These are national competitions open to every club in Britain.

A fantastic 7th out of 110 in the nature competition and 27th out of 98 in the Open (large clubs section).

Open scores:

6835 Open Digital Annette Hockney ‘The Nice Guy’ Digital 11
16834 Open Digital Lisa Mullins ‘Peaky Blinder’ Digital 12
16833 Open Digital Noel Patterson ‘Unleashing the forehand’ Digital 11
16832 Open Digital Simeon Briggs ‘The Guggenheim’ Digital 10
16831 Open Digital Jackie Robinson ‘Unruffled Loch Mallachie’ Digital 10
16830 Open Digital Jackie Robinson ‘You ve got a friend’ Digital 10
16829 Open Digital Rob Hockney ‘Sharp eye of the law’ Digital 10
16827 Open Digital Noel Patterson ‘Rounding the keeper’ Digital 11
16826 Open Digital Lisa Mullins ‘Mother Nature’ Digital 9
16825 Open Digital Paula Martin ‘Storm brewing’ Digital 9
16824 Open Digital Rob Hockney ‘Gerald’ Digital 12
16823 Open Digital Noel Patterson ‘Rhythmic gymnast holds balance’ Digital 11
16822 Open Digital Jackie Robinson ‘The Storyteller’ Digital 10
16821 Open Digital Joyce Streets ‘Enough is Enough Dear’ Digital 10
16820 Open Digital Annette Hockney ‘On the verge of madness’ Digital 9

Nature scores – including a perfect 15 for Rob

6969 Nature Digital Paula Martin ‘Wild white pelican’ Digital 10
16968 Nature Digital Paul Matthews ‘Maiting toads go walkabout’ Digital 12
16967 Nature Digital Yvonne St Cyr ‘Red Grouse in Snow’ Digital 9
16966 Nature Digital Christine Bedwin ‘Puffin with Sandeels’ Digital 9
16963 Nature Digital Alan Saunders ‘Otter Cubs – Isle of Mull’ Digital 12
16955 Nature Digital Rob Hockney ‘Mountain Hare compromised by mild weathe’ Digital 11
16952 Nature Digital Annette Hockney ‘Mother Polar Bear and Cubs’ Digital 11
16946 Nature Digital Paul Matthews ‘Male orangetip on ladysmock’ Digital 13
16880 Nature Digital Alan Saunders ‘Male Grouse Calling’ Digital 11
16878 Nature Digital Yvonne St Cyr ‘Lapwing Feeding’ Digital 12
16876 Nature Digital Lisa Mullins ‘Harvest Mouse’ Digital 9
16874 Nature Digital Alan Saunders ‘Grey Seal Stretching’ Digital 12
16872 Nature Digital Paula Martin ‘Grebes courtship displaying’ Digital 11
16870 Nature Digital Lisa Mullins ‘Great Crested Grebes Courting’ Digital 12
16867 Nature Digital Yvonne St Cyr ‘Great Crestd Grebe with Young’ Digital 9
16866 Nature Digital Aamir Sabzwari ‘Gannet with fish’ Digital 10
16865 Nature Digital Annette Hockney ‘Female greater spotted woodpecker’ Digital 10
16860 Nature Digital Annette Hockney ‘Cheetah with cub’ Digital 12
16857 Nature Digital Rob Hockney ‘Cheetah and cub’ Digital 15
16855 Nature Digital Christine Bedwin ‘Chaffinch in flight’ Digital 11
16849 Nature Digital Rob Hockney ‘Red Squirrel eating hazelnut’ Digital 10

A big thanks to everyone who prepared images.