A big thank you to all the members who came to support the club at Chapel last night. We were treated to 60 really high quality images and really informative and appreciative judging. The scores were:

Prints – Chapel 255  NCPS 262, giving us a small lead to take into the PDI competition.

PDIs – Chapel 255    NCPS 265

Result  Chapel 510   NCPS 527

Thanks for everyone who prepared prints and PDIs for our entry.

Prints   Scores
Rob Hockney Crested Tit 2 20
Paul Matthews Maiting Toads go walkabout 19
Annette Hockney The Blue Scarf 17
Lisa Mullins Anemone De Caen 16
Jackie Robinson First rays Peak District 18
Joyce Streets Enough is Enough Dear 19
Noel Patterson Support at the line out 18
Noel Patterson Rhythmic Gymnast holds balance 18
Simeon Briggs Cat Bells 16
Mike Thornton The Engine Driver 15
Tony Redford Dog_Walking_n_the_Snow 18
Yvonne St Cyr Mute Swans in Courtship 20
Aamir Sabzwari Vixen scouting 16
Jon Allinson Ohh 17
Danny Hurley Golden Leaf 15
Rob Hockney Sharp eye of the law 17
Paul Matthews Grebe_feeding_juvenile 20
Annette Hockney cheetah with cub 19
Lisa Mullins Peaky Blinder 17
Jackie Robinson You ve got a friend 16
Joyce Streets A Walk in the Snow 20
Paula Martin Dalmation_pelican 10 17
Paula Martin Nutcrackers fighting 19
Simeon Briggs Derwent evening 16
Dorothy Redford Modern perspective 17
Alan Saunders Grey Seal Stretching 19
Yvonne St Cyr Male great crested greb with young 17
Aamir Sabzwari The Breitling Display Team 17
Christine Bedwin Puffin_with_Sandeels 18
Agnus Barlow In the shadows 16